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R i c h l a n d     C o u n t y

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County Administration Building

50 Park Avenue East Mansfield Ohio 44902

Welcome to the official website for the Courts of Richland County, OH

WHEN IS THE TEST GIVEN? According to the schedule of the Clerk of Courts attached to this information.

LOCATION? Richland County Courthouse, 50 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio 44902, in Courtroom 1, on the third floor.

TIME? 10:00 a.m.


  • 1. $30.00 application fee, cash or check, payable to the Richland County Clerk of Courts, submitted to the Clerk of Courts, 50 Park Avenue East, Second Floor, before the day of the exam.
  • 2. Proof of Identity (driver's license).
  • 3. Proof of residency in Richland County (confirmation of voter registration from the Board of Elections located at 1496 W. Longview Avenue which opens at 8:00 a.m. OR current utility bill with your address OR a checkbook register with your local address.

WHO ADMINISTERS THE TEST? The Richland County Clerk of Courts on behalf of the Hon. James Deweese.

WHAT IS THE NATURE OF THE TEST? You have one half hour to answer 25 objective questions based on the Ohio Revised Code regarding Notaries Public (Chapter 147 of the O.R.C.) and other materials provided by the Clerk of Courts when you pay your application fee.

WHAT IS THE PASSING SCORE? 80 percent (20 correct answers) or better

HOW MANY TIMES MAY I TAKE THE TEST? As often as you wish, but there is a $30.00 fee each time.

WHEN WILL I KNOW THE RESULTS? The tests will be graded immediately after the test period.

WHERE DO I BUY MY SEAL AND STAMP? The office supply store of your choice.

WHERE DO I OBTAIN THE STUDY MATERIALS FOR THE EXAMINATION?They are attached to this information sheet.

WHOM DO I CONTACT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION?Richland County Clerk of Courts, (419) 774-5549 or 774-3526.

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